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Zip water system

Water, at the touch of a button!

Time is becoming increasingly important in our fast-paced world. The Zip water systems eliminate the need to wait for hot water. At the touch of a button, they supply heated water to make fresh tea, coffee, or any other hot drinks. Zip water systems can be more cost-effective than traditional kettles and stoves, which frequently heat excess water than is required.


Some variants come with cooled water as well. The new water systems are therefore excellent for preparing beverages in restaurants, canteens, offices, hospitals, and hotels. They’re also a useful input to high-end fitted kitchen homes, as well as kitchenettes and conference facilities in high-end business establishments.


The Drinking water system with modern technology

Whether at home or in a workplace kitchen, Zip water in Brisbane delivers boiled, cooled, and sparkling water. The HydroTap eliminates the necessity of bottled water as well as your tabletop kettle. The water tastes cleaner, and one shall be able to enjoy it knowing that they have conserved electricity.


The working of a Zip water system


One may not have to keep the tap flowing whilst waiting for hot or cooled water with a Zip Tap connected to a zip system because the temperature desired is attained immediately. Zip taps are suitable for family usage, featuring a safety locking system to minimize unintentional triggering of boiling water with a hands-free handle function to limit hands from getting into contact with steam.


A valve with an under module comprises the Zip system. The low-maintenance under-table module is installed in the sink’s lower cabinet and holds the appropriate quantity of water. A touchscreen interface allows for simple adjustments. When necessary, the self-governed system displays essential performance values.


The simple valve can be used as an independent unit with a discharge basin or as part of a sink installation. Water will be delivered at the appropriate temperature upon pressing the red (for heated water) or blue (for chilled water) lighted buttons.





Surfaces for installing Zip water system

Except for the All-In-One type, zip taps may be directly mounted over a sink or in a chosen position that is free by use of a stainless emptying tray offered as an attachment. Zip Tap gadgets are readily available for use when bugged in. An intuitive touchscreen display for menu navigation is included below the table units.


Some examples of Zip Taps

Zip hydro Taps are available in a variety of styles, but the variety need not be overbearing. When choosing the perfect Zip tap for a given area, consider the options below.


The Mini Boil

This heating and cooling tap offers intuitive trackpad controls as well as great water filtration technology, making it a trustworthy supplier for coffee, tea, and culinary purposes.



The Classic is a favourite in offices and homes because of its elegant appearance. You can use boiled, cooled, or bubbling purified water, or a combination of the three.


The Arc

This tap’s traditional gooseneck form easily fits with any kitchen design. The difference between a large, flowing neck as well as the simple side lever will appeal to you.


The Cube

In modern kitchens, the Cube form is a statement piece. As consistent as the boiling, cold, and dazzling water, the compliments by no doubt will come.


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