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The advantages of becoming an apprentice

There are several benefits for going for an apprenticeship in Perth. If you are undecided about what you are going to do after you are done with your schooling, the following are a few key benefits which you would get from becoming an apprentice and how can they be rewarding in the long run.

The advantages of apprenticeship in Perth

Becoming an apprentice allows you to earn while you are still in the process of learning. Although the wages which you are going to get as an apprentice are basic, there is a chance that it might increase after your first training is over. Around 90% of the apprentices are kept on by their employers and most of them are also given a promotion after a year of finishing the apprenticeship.

You only need to be an apprentice for a year and once you are completed with it you are going to be awarded the qualification which you can also show to your future employees. The levels are a level 2 which is equivalent to 5 Gce passes and level 3 which is equivalent to two a level classes. You can also go for level 6 or a level 7 which equals to a master’s degree.

Becoming an apprentice also allows you to be independent and gain the respect of your friends and family. The company which you would be working for what teach you to take responsibility for your actions and learn and grow in a work environment. As soon as you start becoming independent in your tasks it would help you gain the respect of your co-workers and employers and as a result you will become confident enough to carry whatever role has been assigned to you.

As an apprentice you would be working under an assessor, the person who would be responsible for setting all your work and teaching you all that is necessary. They would be there to answer your questions in also provide you with feedback so that you are able to learn on the job and become better at whatever you plan to do.

You also gain a great deal of experience while you are working in a real work experience and it is quite different from being in a school or a University. Becoming an apprentice would allow you to eat in to the work environment while having people to guide you along the way.

You not only get to learn a new skill but you can also become more employable in the future. When other companies or your future employers see that you have applied yourself to the demands of a full time job and studying at the same time it would show them your dedication towards your career and what cast a good impression on them.

Becoming an apprentice allows you to develop your skills and even if you do not have the grade to get on the next level of your chosen career your experience would be able to provide your employer with some sort of indication that you have always been dedicated towards improving yourself. Study at Perth Traineeships & Apprenticeships today.


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